Seniors’ residences worthy of the best hotels

A hotel is always synonymous with vacations, rest, and even luxury. Good news: it is completely possible to experience the charms of this life in a seniors’ residence!

Caught up in the whirlwind of life, maybe you’ve often dreamed of being able to focus on the essentials and take time for yourself. Now that you are retired, the dream can finally come true.

Welcome to your new daily life, a grand hotel just for you!


Every service for your peace of mind

Have you dreamt about it? It is time to do it!

Living in comfort and freeing ourselves from the constraints that do not enrich our lives is what many of us want.

Professional and family life is often so demanding that the hectic pace it forces us to follow requires giving some things up. This year, we wanted to take Italian classes to get ready for the famous trip to Tuscany, a gift for our 20 years of marriage.  Impossible, in the end. Adapt to a new promotion, prepare to move, buy a house, raise a family… Everything that makes life rich but feels that it is moving at top speed.

All of this without counting the daily tasks and the mental load involved, like planning and preparing meals, housecleaning or going to the grocery store.

Self-care quickly becomes a challenge as, to maintain good physical and mental health, we need to remain active, indulge in our favourite leisure activities and keep our mind alert.

Being retired means tasting and rediscovering all the pleasures of life that you put aside for lack of time. This is the opportunity to make a fresh start or try new activities. So, why not move into a seniors’ residence that offers all the comforts of grand hotels?

At Sélection Retraite, everything has been designed to give you this experience. Services and amenities are available to make your life easier. You can say goodbye to household chores or meal preparation thanks to our housekeeping and laundry service. You can benefit from table service in the dining room, or choose your menu and enjoy delicious and nutritious meals.

What’s more, the various activities organized by our animators will entertain and amuse you! Get back in shape with adapted physical exercises, rhythmic or gentle.

You want to immerse yourself in a new literary adventure? Choose a good novel from the library for an enjoyable evening cocooning.

And for a moment of relaxation, don’t forget that our residences have beauty and hair salons that also allow you to socialize with your neighbours and develop, who knows, new friendships?


A safe environment

One of the advantages of living in a seniors’ residence is the peace of mind provided by a safe environment.

Security cameras, concierge and 24-hour receptionist service: don’t worry anymore about leaving your apartment if you go on vacation thanks to controlled access at all times. Also, rest assured that you will have a response to your requests for minor repairs and will always have exemplary service when needed.

Feeling safe also means having access to the telemedicine service and a pharmacy within the residence.

Finally! It is retirement, the time to live in comfort! Rid yourself of thankless and time-consuming tasks and enjoy all the services and amenities that will make your life easier and will improve your daily round, such as:

  • Balanced nutrition
  • Thematic meals
  • Recreational and sports activities
  • Health services
  • Housekeeping
  • Maximized security

Are you getting ready to retire? Imagine living in a hotel all year round; the dream is within your reach!


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