$4 bonus for beneficiary attendants X X
8% bonus for our on-site nurses X X
4% bonus for our on-site employees  X X
Compliance with recommended physical distancing measures outside and inside the residence X X
All on-site employees are required to wear a mask in all areas of the complex, even those intended solely for employees X X

Residents are required to wear a surgical mask when they move around the complex, which includes using the indoor common areas and the elevators.

Employees are required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when working in close contact with probable or confirmed COVID-19 cases that were validated by a professional from the CISSS or CIUSSS, as agreed. X X
Since November 15, in accordance with the government order, only fully vaccinated employees can work in the complex X X
Compliance with specific orders regarding cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in the COVID-19 context X X


Mandatory 14-day isolation period for employees presenting symptoms of a cough and fever X X
14-day isolation for employees that have travelled (if required by the competent authorities) X X
Voluntary 14-day isolation period for residents who have travelled (if required by the appropriate authorities) + support service for those who do not wish to isolate, as applicable X X
Isolation protocol for residents or employees awaiting test results X  


Centralization of entrances and exits so that visitors can sign the register X  
Documenting residents who have travelled, with a 14-day quarantine and monitoring of symptoms, as applicable X  
Daily posting of updates and key information for residents X  
Specific instructions given to residents who have to move in or move out X  X
Monitoring of the overall state and condition of each resident (+ keeping a register with all the information) X  X


Only adequately vaccinated caregivers can enter the complex.

The following requirements are in place:


  • Checklist with the steps to be taken for caregivers (links for training will be provided);


  • The consent form must be signed prior to arrival in the complex


  • A consent form must be completed and signed before entering the residence


  • A registry of caregivers that includes dates of visits will be kept



Access will be denied to caregivers experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, who have travelled in the last 14 days and are required to quarantine (according to the appropriate authorities) or who have been in contact with:

  • a person who has been identified through contact tracing has awaited results in the last 14 days
  • a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days
  • a person who has travelled in the last 14 days and had to quarantine (as required by the appropriate authorities). 


  • Staying in a resident’s apartment is prohibited during aerosol-generating medical procedures


  • Visitors are no longer allowed


  • 1 caregiver is allowed at a time, and no more than 2 individuals from the list of IPAC-trained people are allowed per day.

  • Residents must designate no more than 4 caregivers in order to limit the number of different people who have access to the living environment.

  • Caregivers are not allowed in common areas, such as the living and dining rooms (except family members who are helping a resident eat in the dining room).


Outdoor visits on residence grounds are permitted up to a maximum of 9 people at the same time, according to available capacity  X

Visits from guests are allowed

X  X
Visits from volunteers are allowed  X


Antibacterial gel to be used by all residents, authorized visitors and employees when entering the complex, as well as by residents and employees in the indoor parking areas X  X
Frequently touched surfaces more often cleaned and disinfected X  X
Commercial renters and construction subcontractors shall be made aware of hygiene measures to be implemented in the complex X  
Numerous posters with health and hygiene reminders (for residents, authorized visitors, kitchen staff) X   X
Hand hygiene training provided to all personnel X   X
Set up hand sanitizing stations at the complex’s entrance, as well as all the equipment necessary for respecting respiratory hygiene and etiquette in the cafeteria X   X
Set up signage and plexiglass in the complexes
Indoor activities or meetings to prevent deconditioning are allowed in common areas as long as residents/participants remain 2 metres apart and wear medical-grade disposable masks X X

Access to the changing room and showers is allowed under certain conditions. Please speak to your complex’s staff for more information.

Pool access is allowed under certain conditions. Please speak to your complex’s staff.

Access to the fitness room is allowed under certain conditions. Please speak to your complex’s staff.

Prohibited activities:

  • Movies
  • Singing-related activities

Access to shops within the residence is allowed (for residents only)


Strict compliance with health measures and verification of their implementation

X  X

Meals can be eaten in the dining room as long as strict health measures and the following conditions are in place:

  • A maximum of 4 residents per table is allowed, while prioritizing always sitting at the same table with the same people
  • A 2-metre distance must be kept between each table
  • A 2-metre distance between residents as well as the other IPAC measures will apply in and around the dining room
  • Plexiglas must be used if the 2-metre distance between residents cannot be guaranteed
  • Assisted living environments can each be considered their own “bubble”
  • Masks must be worn at all times, except when eating or drinking
  • The complex staff will clean and disinfect with increased frequency


It is forbidden for residents who have received a positive test, who are experiencing symptoms or who are awaiting COVID-19 results to exit the residence at any time X  X
Compliance with handwashing procedure by residents when exiting and entering the complex, as well as before entering the elevators in the parking areas X  
Establishment of a protocol for coordinating outdoor visits with family members in order to avoid gatherings X  

Outdoor walks and essential outings (e.g., grocery store, pharmacy) are allowed in accordance with public health orders for the general population.



*IPAC measures: Infection Protection and Control measures

** The writers of this document accept no responsibility for its use, the latter being intended as an informative tool and should not be substituted for any other directive from concerned government bodies which may follow its creation.

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