Lighting a crane at Sélection Panorama. A first in Québec!

Réseau Sélection lit up the main crane at the Sélection Panorama construction site, located at the junction of Montréal and Laval, on May 16th, 2017 at 9:00 pm. The event provided a humble “tip of the hat” to highlight Montréal’s 375th anniversary celebrations; as Jacques-Cartier Bridge will be lit up in a spectacular way. Lighting up cranes is a growing trend that can increasingly be seen throughout the world, particularly in Europe, where real estate developers design original lighting ideas.

This creative lighting will liven up the sky, far more than fixed lighting, over the next few weeks near Rivière des Prairies, where the highest retirement complex in Canada will be erected.

About Sélection Panorama 
This 30-story retirement complex will be Laval's tallest residential building and Canada’s highest-rising retirement tower. Its modern and prestigious design was developed by Maxime-Alexis Frappier of ACDF, a world-renowned architect. This project has the potential to the prototype to be used to develop future projects in densely populated urban areas that enable retirees to remain in their living existing environments.

About Réseau Sélection
Réseau Sélection has been designing, developing, building and managing retirement homes for more than 25 years. Réseau Sélection, a pioneer in its sector, is a leading Canadian private retirement complex sector actor. Its unique, vertically-integrated structure, facilitates geographic and product diversification. Réseau Sélection is currently developing, building or operating 35 retirement complexes, some 10,000 units, and employs close to 3,500 people, dedicated to its clientele. According to one poll, 96% of clients recommend Réseau Sélection. In addition to revitalizing and enhancing its residents' quality of life, Réseau Sélection has also developed healthyID®, a lifestyle program focusing on prevention and awareness for adopting healthy daily living habits so that residents "live better, longer."

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Retirement is a new chapter in your life. You deserve to live it to its full potential, with confidence and optimism. At Sélection Retraite, you’ll find everything you need to flourish: start with security and a vibrant community. Discover everyday inspiration from an array of activities to keep you active, services that make your life easier, and a secure and comforting environment. 

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You will be delighted to join our active seniors community! Discover dynamic spaces to foster a sense of community within the walls of our residences, but also the surrounding neighbourhood where they take root. Our communal spaces are always buzzing with lively discussion and contagious laughter between our residents but also our staff who shares your everyday. Sélection Retraite is the ideal place to forge new friendships and connect with autonomus seniors that share your interests and passions.

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Quench your thirst for discovery and continue to grow with a wide range of physical, recreational, and artistic activities from movies to water sports. Living your best life is good for the soul!

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Sélection Retraite offers a tailored experience centred on your well-being. Treat yourself to an array of practical services, from housekeeping and laundry to a selection of balanced menus and dining room meal plans. So you can focus your energy on what truly matters! 
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A safe and friendly environment is priceless. Sélection Retraite offers attentive, reliable security 24/7, the presence of a receptionist, and electronic access control. We top it off with certified staff 24/7 and à la carte treatment. And with stores and services just around the corner, life gets easier!

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